You only live but once

A share as a classic investment product is the central element of a complez and fluctuating investment market that is sensible to a variety of influences.

Oldtimers are the better shares...


The performance of historical vehicles in Germany
(Source: VDA - Verband der Automobilindustrie - The initial value was set at 1,000 points in 1999.)

Automobiles are powerful investment properties - but without the market-wide fluctuations in value and yield. Because their value has a high emotional component that cannot be marked in an index. And because the rarity of oldtimers is calculable over the coming years. It is evident that an oldtimer can't just come from some construction workshop. A vehicle that is built today will become an oldtimer within 30 years. There is a fixed number of these vehicles to which new ones are added year after year. Such a market, whose vitality is not dependent on business success or production volumes, may be smaller, but it is all the more stable.

We are not just enthusiastic oldtimer fans, we also deal intensively with the market situation and potential increase in value of your vehicle. We consult to you about, for example, fluctuations in certain production years of individual models and also include insurance conditions or storage details into our consultation process.