Don't care if you're young or old

The enthusiasm for automobiles can have different origins. Many car enthusiasts were already dreaming of a particular model in their childhood. Others fall in love in their dream car later, in a different phase of their life, in which they discover the elegance and sportiness of older vehicles. Their form and interior make them of ambassadors of their date of birth and represent the charm of their age. Whether you like the beautifully curved rear wing of a classic of the 1950s or the smooth aerodynamic bodywork of the 1970s – many of our customers have a certain decade and also a certain brand firmly in view when they come to us.

Which car was your first love?

Thanks to many years of experience in international trading, an extensive network and a deep love for the automobile, we are able to build up a comprehensive, cross-brand expertise in the classic car segment. We have developed a unique view for the most essential aspects of a valuable and beautiful oldtimer. This is essential for a succesful and long-term oldtimer trading company. It is imperative to have a partner that can immediately spot originality, reliability and authentic substance of an oldtimer.